Stop war Initiative

My initiative started, when cruel russian killers invaded my Kyiv and all the rest Ukraine with bombs! Within the first day I`ve started informational war in Lviv - deliver real story about their extremely methods to EU countries. Also, I`ve made financial peer-to-peer help by my own forces to those people, that I know personally.

Still, due to the bravity of my dad (who is staying to guard my capital city), due to my mom`s courage (who is making masking armor for our defenders) and my close friends (who left their peaceful lifes and go to the field, where they can stay forever). I felt so devastated and misarable!!! So I grasp, that I can`t make it by myself, if I wish really help everyone close people! 

That`s why, I`ve talked with our unstoppable team and we decided to make it together to spread, how crucially we need your support! And I`m asking all close partners, clients and those who heard about Ukraine devastations - join us!!!

War in Ukraine influence all the Europe, all the world. As we are a big food suplier (for instance, Top-3 exporters of soybeans and sunflower oil). So it`s in common interests together with every EU citizens to help Ukraine economy!


Our mission during the war in Ukraine  -  tactical help with empathy!

Specific steps, that every person can make for those Ukrainians, who stayed to guard boarders from aggressor:

1). Make any donation to support real specific people, that I know (our defenders) with humanitarian help:

- body armors, 
- military shoes, 
- defending devices,  etc.

2). Support animal shelters in Kyiv and Kharkiv. As during a war or peace we need to stay Humans (from big letter)! That`s our duty and possiblity to resque souls of innocent creatures, that suffers right now the most! Guys, they are also Ukrainians!

3). Support economy of Ukraine with buying Ukrainian products. Below you can support uTrigg.

If you need any specific service, please, contact me and I would be glad to recommend you other Ukrainian company:


In our donation initiative we cooperate with Ukrainian NGOs and international and Ukrainian volunteers, who purchase things abroad. In Ukraine we have internal shortage for the most needed items for fighters/civilians.
For time saving procedures we have set up logistics via Poland (where we have separate warehouse).

NGOs that we are working with have official status and all needed documents to deliver humanitarian help:
Female Veteran Movement and Manufactory of Kindness
Still, if you would transfer donations them directly (if your heart feels so) please, do this!). We would be much appreciated for your help!


We would be honored to provide detail reports for every donator. 
We wish that financial support would be the most transparent and you can feel how you are influencing to our quick win!

Help us survive and win!

Any help is appreciated and we are thankthful for!


At the separate page you can:

Help by purchasing uTrigg products Get our tool with emotion AI analytics to raise conversions for your online business.

You are supporting Ukraine economy (as we paying taxes and salaries).
Help us to rebuilt our country from ashes!

Donate directly to specific needs Help with literally any amount, that you can.

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