Did you know?

95%* of purchasing decisions are driven by emotions!
But only 24%** of marketing professionals use behavioral customer data for the good of their business.

uTrigg helps to fill this empathy gap by analyzing customer emotions and their behavior online.

Where uTrigg can help?

Marketing and Product magicians
Raise retention and conversion, improve CX by getting client feedback with emotional unconscious attitude to personalized engagement.
UI/UX wizards
Know exactly which parts of the design your customers like the most, and which part should be improved, and what they feel, while interacting with your design.
Market research guru
Track customer satisfaction, client's needs, and employee engagement based on their emotions.

How it works?

Create feedback survey
Easy embed to your website

Share with your clients. They will become closer emotionally with your brand & raise retention!

Analyze patterns in user behavior

And segment your audience by emotions

Actionable insights

Personalized messages to each segment of your audience

Trusted by leading organisations

Customer Emotion Analytics

What our clients say?

«I always liked to challenge my new providers with complicated needs of my business. So it was a huge pleasure to get meaningful overview, insights and actionable plan for my marketing activities.»


Super valuable emotion Ai analytics that we get to understand our customers better.


I was impressed by how detailed information emotion analysis can be. It helps my team to grow conventions from users on my website.


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