Did you know?

95%* of buyer decisions are driven by emotions!
85%** consumers spend more with personalized experience.

uTrigg helps to fill this empathy gap by analyzing customer emotions and clients behavior online.

* Harvard Business School: https://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/the-subconscious-mind-of-the-consumer-and-how-to-reach-it

** GlobeNewsWire: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/04/21/2019361/0/en/Gladly-s-Customer-Expectations-Report-Shows-that-Consumers-Value-Radically-Personal-Service.html

Кому uTrigg допомагає?

UI/UX designers and hoodoo
Find emotional blockers of each page, website parts and get insights. Make A/B testing regarding which emotions are most converting for your brand.

Як це працює?

Аналітика вебсайтів

Автоматизація Emotion AI

Your website can bring you +50% conversion by adjusting of desing & texts according to visitors emotions.
A/B testing function is only one of secret weapons.

Emotion AI automation
укр Emotion AI analytics outcomes

You will get which emotions lead to conversions. 
Buyers and non-buyers behavior & emotions.
Defined bottleneck pages and insights how to enhance them.

Emotion AI analytics outcomes

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Емоційна аналітика покупців

What our clients say?

«I always liked to challenge my new providers with complicated needs of my business. So it was a huge pleasure to get meaningful overview, insights and actionable plan for my marketing activities.»


Super valuable emotion Ai analytics that we get to understand our customers better.


I was impressed by how detailed information emotion analysis can be. It helps my team to grow conventions from users on my website.