What is uTrigg?

Our mission is to build empathy between conscious corporate world and end buyer/employee, especially around ESG activities with strong GDPR commitment.

We make this magic happen with our unique emotion analytics, which is our R&D for our long-term customers from Retail/FMCG, Ecommerce, Consultancy and other business segments to understand their customers and employees better (their feelings).

Especially after pandemic brands need to reevaluate the priorities of their customers and employees with help of motivation analytics.

If you are curious to learn more - request a demo.

Why is behavioral emotion analytics such a buzz? How does it help business?

It's important, because you will know your customers from a totally new perspective (from their mood state & emotions attitude). 
Emotions trigger sales - it's about 95% of clients that make their decisions based on emotions (it's said by a professor Gerald Zaltman from Harvard Business School). 
So a company that treats customer emotions with respect and brings them needed value right away - will win the competition and get higher loyalty from clients and employees.

How does it work?

Most players on the market propose emotion analytics either as marketing catch, or detect it with no compliant methods. Those tools include: video capturing, text analysing (NLP) or other external databases (or social networks).
We don't use such an approach, as we value user privacy at the topest level. On the contrary, our team automated a scientifically proven method to detect user emotions - from the manner of user interaction with browsers (as on desktop, as on smartphones and tablets).
If you wish to learn more - request a demo.

Which industries get benefit from uTrigg?

uTrigg is a strong weapon only for companies that have a client-centric mind-set, humanitarian mindset.

We have customers from various business fields - mostly retail, FMCG, Ecommerce.

Also, we partner with Digital Marketing, Marketing Research and consulting companies.

How your emotional behavioral analytics differ from general behavioral analytics.

Old fashion way of behavioral analytics - is a user path through your website (which links he/she visited).
We represent a new way of analytics - emotion AI (user`s attitude). The new approach - understand client feelings in order to make data driven decisions (change UI/UX or make personalized marketing communication).  
Nano-personalized marketing based on emotion segments to provide personalized recommendations and make customers happier (as you cover their crucial needs right here and right now).

Do I need to have some specific data science skills to get the value for my business?

No, definitely not. Our platform was created in order to bring possibilities to a broader audience.
If you have analytical skills - it's beneficial, but is not required.

We are using an all-in -one tool, why do we need to switch to your solution.

As you know, if some platforms are too broad, their main purpose is not to help you with some new approaches. They are just nice overview dashboards of those situations that you already have. 
Still if you have ambition to have a bigger profit, you can consider innovations to be brought to your customer journey. 
Only those competitors win, those who try new approaches,do more for their customers and over perform clients` expectations.

Is my data protected?

<p>Clients that worked with our platform are preselected companies that respect human rights of their customers and are guided by international rules regarding data privacy.<br>From our side, we encrypted data with https certificates in order to provide the highest level of date of our clients and their customers.</p>

How do you secure behavior data?

We encrypted data in order to provide security measures to people. 
Also, we periodically delete data.
Contact us to know more details about your data.

How does your solution help customers?

We help each personality to understand themselves better - their internal motivation (what topic triggers their good emotions, and which areas bring them sad emotions) only during their interaction with the survey from one of the brands. 
And only with their conscious confirmation that we gather nonsense browser data (not cookies, not directly personal data, no sensitive data).   
Each person instinctively drives with emotions. And you can make your life more coloured, if you can get which things make you more satisfied, happiers and share which things you wish to be changed (with your hesitation, unfocuseness etc.).
Good brands would react to that with small and big enhancements regarding their mission and your desires. So eventually your feedback will change your life and other people for the better.

How does your solution help employees?

We are fascinated by the fact that we help each person's personal needs - achieve an engaged state at your work through analysing a good energy level.
Of course, businesses all the time need to think about the highest level of productivity, which is delivered by each player of the team. And each employee deserves a creative way to help with that.
You can get an individual schedule (get practical tips from behavioral analysts), which will guide you for a better state of your mind.

What are the benefits of using solutions for HR and Marketing specialists?

The core thing - are the needs of the people. If everyone in every department is happy at work - the better experience the customer will get.
Our aim is to create a real empathetic level of understanding of each other. A happy person brings more innovative ideas, makes quicker and more thorough every bit of their tasks.
Specifically for this purpose we create “HR vs Marketing battles” (virtual engaging format to identify “Who knows customers better”).

Do you have trial or free accounts?

Yes, we have trial accounts and free accounts.
We love to support starting entrepreneurs, social initiatives, research and educational activities. As the more empathy they create within their community - the better the world of tomorrow becomes. 

What payment methods do you have?

For small and medium businesses we provide a credit card payment method (provided by international payment system - Stripe).
Also, enterprise customers pay by invoices. You can request it from your manager.

Do you offer discounts for NGO, students or scientific researchers?

Yes, If you are representative a scientific group, educational institution or NGO. Please, inform your manager about that. 
We could provide discounts or even free access on an individual basis.