Transport, Logistics and Retail

transport trackingsystems

Challenges that business has with transportations to the shops are huge. And we help cover the most complicated of them with the help of data and ML approaches.

part of transport scattered all over the city
Working areas could be set easely
Enhance the productivity of transports network (cars, bicycles or other)

What task was solved

How to manage a huge park of transports, knows where to push to stimulate more effective utilization or even optimize costs?


The reason lies in the problem of tracing simultaneously a stock of assets. And that`s what not any human being capable of, only a machine could.


How all of that was done?

An IoT integration can resolve this situation.
We can place a range of sensors for providing information about the geo-location of each item of your transport chain.
Each item of transport can be assigned to a certain territory. If a transport tends to go out his area, so a trigger can be activated. Thus, his supervisor could see that immediately or read a report at the end of day/ week.


This case could solve short-term tasks and long-term as well. The aggregation of such behavioral patterns of your transport, drivers, and products on one page could bring you a real possibility within your existing business.

transport health checker old fashion
How to stop doing expensive major overhaul repair?
Predictions of transport health

What task was resolved?

Which of my transport could break down next? And how can I save money, until that would be too late for the totally broken and rusty apparatus?
Some internal assessment center of each transport item could be helpful. Still, I don`t want it`ll take any additional time of my stuff (so no Saturday lectures, just needed an action plan for that).


During a long journey, a tone of accident can happen with a transport. 
The owner should know all of them, so he can make correct forecasts of spending (like repairs, major overhaul etc.), eliminate future huge expenses by preventive operations and form an exact plan for expansion of his business.

How all of that was done?

Driver loves their transport. If he uses it every day, so he can share more information that you even imagine. Still, the need of each day health check can't be replaced. Numbers don`t lie!

A supervisor can set up this daily reports only once in the utrigg.
And each driver should answer about his mechanical horse as frequently as an owner would like them to do.


You can see all the history of repairs of your whole corporation.
ML would help to indicate the next transport that demonstrates the shreds of evidence of upcoming breakdown.

logistics solutions with data science
Reduce the percentage of devastated products
Transportation of a food or fragile products

What task was resolved

The most difficult type of transportation in retail is food. 
The thing is that you could negotiate with anyone, but not with nature, which inexorably starts the process of decay.

We need to know the state of a product within a track and change them if we have to.

How all of that was done?

If a transport has to deliver some fragile product or food. In this case, a range of other IoT sensors should be placed on the transport.

Our platform can track deviations of OY-OX-OZ based on the normal skew. Then an alarm can be turned to the driver. Afterward, the alert goes to his supervisor, if fluctuations are too far from the standards.

Temperature and pressure sensors could save a bunch of food to be delivered.
CO2 emission is also can be measured.



All these parameters could be seen on one dashboard from a range of transport items. 
That would depict how a type of machinist, manner of his driving can influence the safety of products that he was transferred. That`s will definitely help you HR to chose more correct a new people.
Even maybe that would be better to switch some drivers internally because they have more capabilities for other products to convey.