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That`s fascinating to witness how quick a manufacture could evolve into a highly modern production factory when a new technology finds its place along the process.

Technology covers sometimes routine and sometimes even impossible work like predictions.

Thus, a human staff became more free and comfortable for their creative contribution to the whole work transforming our environment.


Manufacturers are amazed by easiness of this instrument
A decrease of your equipment downtime

What task was resolved?
Every factory has a huge expense on the manufacturing procedure. The positive margin of the whole business based on the effectiveness of equipment and a range of some specific business processes.


Mostly, the target for counting was centered around production volumes that must be generated within a factory to make a profitable business. That`s reasonable to aim that. Still, when big contracts came eventually, a really bloodcurdling mass can happen.
The reason is simple - a scheduling for equipment use wasn`t an issue. That`s why a time was wasted. Sometimes even non-intentionally.


How all of that was done?
A starting point could be slowing down because of the people addiction to "the old fashion methods".
And when the new one will be tasted enough, then a totally new attitude to the working rhythm would be born.
We gathered information from every equipment. Put that info to the main data center. And only from that point the head of a production department can assign the employee to the specific work equipment.
This new way of interaction between employees and equipment provide more a transparent view of how the whole equipment was used, by whom, when and for how long.
Eventually, even certification by external employees could take place, as all was set and crystal clear.


The company got the whole control of the longest process that your business machine has - the work of equipment. 
And employees got used to have planned shifts, breaks, take certifications or improve their professionalism along the day. Nevertheless, both sides can see a perspective of theirs today`s affords for the future.

Agro farms with alternative energy production transformed into innovative hubs
Predictions for solar energy farms

What task was resolved?
Solar energy has been generated by many vast farms and small farms. They all are participants on a green energy movement that came up lately.

The main task that appeared is how to provide forecasts to the government because that became obligatory in a range of countries.


The main thing was to find appropriate technical devices that could get data flows and transfer them to the server.

During the next stage, we worked with permission restrictions. Farms owners need to have energy quantity locally within their laptops, while as the head of every farm cluster wanted to see the whole picture. So does about the numbers of forecasted energy produced.


How all of that was done?
We made all that happened with Machine Learning algorithms.

Previously we set each the point of energy generation, get all the tracked data into the system or on-site of client`s server. Based on a gathered data our system provides legitimate predictions.

Additionally, a problem with devices breakdowns was resolved, as management could see all the equipment statuses in live mode.

A handy "oracle" was given to a company. Finally, their analytical department could centralize on working with data in a more cognitive way and stop guessing and being misslead by the data. Data became structured in a real-time format for all the farmers-producers.